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Reserving a Puppy: To start the process of adopting a puppy please email or text me a little bit about yourself, your home and where you are from.  Also, let me know if you are interested in a male or female and coloring you are looking for. Once the expectant litter is born, you may reserve a specific puppy with a non refundable deposit of $1000.  The puppies will be able to go to their forever homes no sooner that 8 weeks old.

Purchase Information:

All of our puppies are advertised as pet/companion quality although they may also be suitable for breeding or show.  The puppies will be evaluated around 3-4 weeks and a pet price will be posted on the Puppies for Sale page with the picture of each puppy. See below for prices. All prices are subject to change. Breeding rights are an additional $250 for males and $500 for females.

Health Guarantee:

We guarantee that our puppies are free of communicable diseases, genetic defects, are well socialized, and up to date on shots and worming. See full sample agreement (below) for specifics and details.

Puppy Prices: The price of each puppy is not finalized until their eye color is known which about 3-4 weeks of age. 

Puppy Prices

Female Puppies


Black Tri with brown eyes - $1500

Black Tri with 1 blue eye - $1700

Black Tri with double bye eyes - $3000


Blue Merle - $2500

Male Puppies


Black Tri with brown eyes - $1200

Black Tri with 1 blue eye - $1500

Black Tri with double bye eyes - $2700


Blue Merle - $2200


Each puppy is registered with the ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry).


In an effort to keep all our pups out of shelters, if at any point in time you cannot keep your puppy that is in good health and purchased from Nor Cal Mini Aussies, we will assist you in finding your puppy/dog a new home .

Nor Cal Mini Aussie's SAMPLE Health Guarantee and Purchase Agreement

(a personalized contract will be generated for each puppy purchase)



Seller, Katie Beard, and Buyer, _____________________________________, agree to enter into

this contract under the following binding agreement:


Puppy being sold is (description)_______________________________________________________

Sex__________________ Whelped______________

Sire__________________ Dam___________________________


Purchase price $ ___________ Breeding rights Yes____ or No____.


Seller and Buyer agree that the above described puppy is a purebred Miniature Australian

Shepherd and is being sold as pet/companion quality. Breeding rights are granted with an additional fee determined by Seller to be $______. Registration papers will be filled out after the sale is complete. Seller will provide paperwork necessary for Buyer to complete registration with the American Stock Dog Registry. (


Purchase Price: Buyer agrees to the total purchase price of $___________ in purchasing the puppy

described above. This price does not include any additional costs for shipping/transfer.

The puppy will not be delivered until full payment is received and puppy is at least 8 weeks of age. Payment may be made by cash, money order, or by credit card via PayPal (if paying by PayPal, an additional 3% will be added to cover fees).


Health Guarantee: Seller warrants that the puppy is free of communicable diseases, is in good

health, and is of stable temperament having been well socialized. Puppy will have received it's first set

of vaccinations, and worming.

Buyer is obligated to have the puppy examined at Buyer's cost by a licensed veterinarian to verify general health within 72 hours from date of delivery and/or shipment: ________________. Failure on the part of the Buyer to have the Puppy's health verified will result in any and all warranties being canceled. Seller accepts no liability for any communicable diseases after 72 hours from when the puppy leaves the possession of the Seller.

If puppy/dog does not pass a general health exam, Buyer agrees to notify breeder via email or phone within 24 hours of veterinary notification and provide a copy of the original signed licensed veterinary statement of health. Minor, treatable problems such as diarrhea, coccidiosis, parasites, etc. are common problems in puppies especially under the stress of new circumstances, and will not be covered by this warranty, although every effort is made to prevent this.


Buyer acknowledges that Seller is not responsible for Buyer’s veterinary expenses at any time or under any circumstance.


Seller also warranties this puppy free from “genetic defects”, such as hereditary cataracts(HC) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRCD) that would prevent the puppy from being a companion animal, until the puppy reaches one year of age. If this puppy is found to have a genetic defect of this kind, this must be verified by a licensed certified veterinarian. In case of a genetic eye deformity, written notification must come to the Seller from a Board Certified Veterinary

Ophthalmologist. If a “genetic disorder” is found, the Buyer may choose to either, return the puppy/dog to the Seller at the Buyer’s expense and the Seller will then replace the puppy with one of the same sex and coat color from the first available litter (puppy to be determined by the Seller), or the Buyer may choose to keep the puppy/dog. Under no circumstances will money be refunded.


This contract will only be valid while the seller is breeding Australian Shepherds. Should the Seller

discontinue breeding dogs of this variety, this contract shall be void.


This contract is between the Seller and Buyer(s) signed below. If this puppy/dog is sold to a third party, this contract shall be void.


Purchase agreement: It is the Seller's sincere intention that none of their dogs are ever taken to a

shelter. If at any point in the future, the Buyer cannot keep this puppy/dog that is still in good health, the Seller agrees to assist in finding this animal a new home. At any time, the Buyer can surrender the dog back to the Seller.


Puppy is warrantied only for the purpose of being a pet/companion animal. Although it could be

capable/suitable of performing other functions, such as show or breeding quality, no warranty is being

given that purpose. If used for breeding, the Seller ask that the Buyers do so responsibly, and

recommend that males must be at least one year of age before used for breeding and females at

least one year of age and had at least one prior heat cycle before being bred.


Seller cannot guarantee adult size or conformation of the puppy/dog. Buyer hereby releases breeder

and agrees to hold harmless for any liability, injuries or damages to persons or property caused by this

puppy/dog. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, temperament, and appearance of the

puppy/dog upon when the puppy/dog leaves the premise of the Seller.


Buyer must follow the regular vaccine, worming, and heart worm schedule for the first year

of the puppy’s/dog’s life. Failure to do so causes this contract to become null and void. Puppy/dog will

be up to date on all vaccinations and worming when it leaves premise of Seller, and those records

will be provided to Buyer. In case of litigation, the venue shall be Nevada County, CA.


Buyer’s Printed Name: _______________________________________________________________


Buyer’s Signature: ____________________________________________ Date______/_____/______


Buyer’s Full Address: ________________________________________________________________


Buyer's email address: _____________________________________ Phone____________________



Seller’s Printed Name: Katie Beard


Seller’s Signature: ______________________________________________ Date_____/_____/_____


Seller's Full Address: ________________________________________________________________


Sellers email address: Phone (530) 263-5459

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